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About Me

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Kylie Lee Baker grew up in Boston and has since lived in Atlanta, Salamanca, and Seoul. Her work is informed by her heritage (Japanese, Chinese, & Irish) as well as her experiences living abroad as both a student and teacher. She has a BA in creative writing and Spanish from Emory University and is pursuing a master of library and information science degree at Simmons University. In her free time, she plays the cello, watches horror movies, and bakes too many cookies. The Keeper of Night is her debut novel.

Rep:  Mary C. Moore of Kimberley Cameron & Associates

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Bonus round of bullets telling you basically all you need to know about me:

  • I taught English to children in South Korea for a few years (and miss Korea every day!)

  • I regularly consume amounts of chocolate that should not be safe for humans.

  • There is no one on Earth who enjoys Halloween more than me.

  • No, I’m not sick, my skin is actually that white. Yes, I go outside (occasionally).

  • I’m 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Japanese, and 1/2 Irish/really pale European. If I ever have $200 lying around I’ll do one of the spit-in-the-tube DNA tests and get back to you with more specific percentages.

  • Along those same lines: “Lee” is my mother’s maiden name and it’s Chinese, not English or Korean (in my case). No, I don’t think “Kylie Lee” sounds weird.

  • Every stereotype about awkward writers can safely be applied to me.

  • We can’t be friends if you like the Yankees. I don’t even watch baseball, this is just a Boston thing.

My mailing list will consist of writing updates. The Korea blog has been archived.

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