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My flash fiction piece, “Voltage,” is live in the 11th issue of Cleaver Magazine and can be viewed/read/printed/burned HERE, along with many other wonderful works of fiction and poetry that are also worth reading.

This was the last assignment for my fiction class last spring taught by the illustrious David Samuel Levinson, a man I admire for his unapologetic honesty. I was lucky enough to have him for the last semester of his fellowship before he decided to explore options outside of academia. Well, his exact words were: “The academic world can go shove itself up my ass,” and “I’d rather dig ditches than have to deal with a bunch of spoiled rich white kids.”

The prompt was: a broken lamp, a white glove, and an empty bottle of gin (or something to that effect. I lost the actual assignment)

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me up to this point. You know who you are and you know that this small victory wouldn’t have happened without you.

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